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Shared Value Program (Businesses)

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Sign up to our Shared Value Program and promote your business to our members and get a bigger business share of Warrnambool.

Our mission has always been to offer our Members real value for their membership that isn't available elsewhere. Our Shared Value Program provides benefits to our Members, our Members' Business and the Credit Union.

How it works

South West Credit is offering its Business Members the opportunity to receive marketing assitance and promotion free of charge to over 13,000 clients via the South West Credit website and newsletters.

In return for this assistance, we ask our business customers to provide a special value or privilege offer exclusive to our Members.

Everybody wins!

Our Members - Our Shared Value Program allows Members to take advantage of terrific exclusive offers on local goods and services from their fellow Members! By simply showing their South West Credit ATM Card, Passbook or Newsletter, Members can then receive the exclusive offers.

Our Business Members - In return for banking with South West Credit, their business will receive marketing assistance and promotion via our website and newsletters which reach to over 13,000 of our clients.

South West Credit - By looking after both our personal and business members we will continue to grow.

What can Business Members Expect

Involving your business in South West Credits Shared Value Program is an easy decision to make, aside from there being no fee to secure your participation, there are a number of substantial benefits available to you and your business, once you have met the criteria, such as:

  • Free marketing assistance in the form of promoting your goods, services and special offer to the homes of over 14,000 clients, the majority of which are in the Warrnambool area.
  • The opportunity to promote your business and special offer on South West Credits website, with the option to vary your special offer on our website four times per year to test new products or concepts.
  • Receive highly competitive financial facilities for your business and personal accounts, including loan facilities.
  • Free Networking Function - The Credit Union will arrange free networking functions throughout the year. It will provide an opportunity for you to meet with other business owners in the Warrnambool area in a relaxed social atmosphere.

We believe that a program of this kind is unique, certainly among financial institutions, and enables you as a business owner to gain far more value from your relationship with us.


Your business is only eligible for inclusion in the program if you are an existing member or, you become a new member and have your personal and/or business accounts with South West Credit. Your minimum total relationship value will need to be $30,000 – however; this does not have to be all business money. It can be a combination of savings and loans and/or it can be made up of a combination of your personal and/or business accounts.

E.g. If you have a home loan or business loan or money invested with us of $30,000 or more, you would be guaranteed inclusion into the Shared Value Program. Any loan must be a funded loan - if you apply for a loan you will be eligible to benefit from the program only when the loan is funded.

How do I register?

The advertising details

Once you are registered with us you will need to provide us with:

  • Your logo, contact details and a one line statement describing your business (extra supporting information will be subject to space considerations)
  • Details of your special offer to be promoted to our members
  • Your special offer will then be promoted through the South West Credit website:

Where available, your business website is to provide a link to the Shared Value Program section of our website.

More Information about the Shared Value Program

More Information on Business Banking

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