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Visa Debit Card

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The convenient and safe way to access your money, shop and pay bills worldwide 24/7.

  • Paywave enabled
  • Accepted Worldwide
  • No Annual Fee
  • Option to link to an Overdraft or Line of Credit Account

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  Taking your Visa Debit Card Overseas:
  • As part of your pre-journey plans, always let us know where and how long you are away
  • If you are using your Visa Debit card overseas, you need to press the “credit” button.
    Please be aware that when using your card overseas, a currency conversion fee may apply
  • Like all card issuers, we monitor overseas card transactions as part of our fraud programs
  • You will be helping us when you give us details including which countries you intend to visit
  • Always check with us if there are any restrictions & to confirm daily overseas withdrawal limits and applicable fees
  • Remember you will need to memorise your card PIN for overseas ATM withdrawals
  • ATM’s around the world means you have access to local currency and the convenience of not carrying large amounts of cash, however skimmers can spoil your holiday so always be alert and cover your PIN wherever you use the card
  • Keep a record of your card numbers AND telephone number for reporting lost or stolen cards
  • Keep these with copies of passports and tickets in a safe place (not handbag or wallet)
  Requesting a New PIN:

You can change your PIN by coming into our Branch with your card and photo identification.  This will enable you to select a new PIN of your choice.

If you are unable to call into the branch to change your PIN please contact us on (03) 5560 3900.

PIN Security:

Think of your chosen security PIN as your electronic signature. To protect these private details you should:

  • make sure your card doesn't leave your sight when making EFTPOS transactions and always cover your hand when entering your PIN.
  • never write down your PIN it should never be recorded on or near your cards.
  • commit your PIN to memory.
  • destroy any PIN notifications from your card issuer when you have committed the PIN to memory or changed it to the PIN of your choice.
  • choose numbers that you can remember but avoid things that others could guess such as your date of birth, postcode, telephone number or simple sequences such as 1234.
  • never give anyone your PIN over the phone. Your card issuer will never request this information from you.
  • avoid using the same PIN that you use for other services such as your mobile or email accounts.
  Lost or Stolen Card:

Please report your lost or stolen card by contacting one of our Member Care Consultants on (03) 5560 3900 during business hours.

If your card is lost or stolen outside normal business hours please contact South West Credit on (03) 5560 3900 for the after hours hotline number which is available on our answering service.

Please ensure you make contact us as soon as you notice the card missing.

  Additional Information: