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Brownies Shed: Auto Service & Repairs

Brownies Shed: Auto Service & Repairs, is the home of fixed priced services - we guarantee no surprise bills, quality and honest work, every time.

Other services include:
- Log Book Servicing
- Automotive Diagnostics
- Suspension and Steering
- Brake Service and Repairs
- Vehicle Inspections

Located at 108 Ryot Street, Warrnambool
Phone: 0345002964
Website: www.browniesshed.com
Facebook: BrowniesShed





How you can support our local usinesses

The most obvious way you can support small businesses is by choosing local, over larger national retailers. The big busineses can take a hit to the wallet much easier than a small businesses. Some local small businesses may not come out of this at the other end of this without your support.

Use you local butcher, greengrocer, produce supplier - many are providing free delivery services at the moment.

Go to your local coffee shop, cafe or restaurant, they've made some great changes to continue trading in the current environment.

If you have jobs around the house or yard you've been putting off, contact a local business to get them done for you.

'Free' ways you can support local businesses

There a lots of free ways that you can help support local businesses.  Some can be as simple as supporting them on social media:

  • Like, love or laugh at a post
  • Share a post
  • Comment on a post
  • Tag some friends
  • Leave a recommendation
  • Refrain from negativity

This simple act can help a small business reach a much larger audience and help their business grow. 

  Additional Information: