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Line of Credit Account



Use our Line of Credit Account to manage fluctuations in business cash flow or for unexpected expenses. It allows you to manage cash levels without compromising your business capacity or relationships.

  • Multiple channels to access your overdraft
  • Funds available when you need them
  • Only pay interest on the money you use

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  Key Features:

Line of Credit Account
Key Features
Access to fundsAt Call
Minimum opening balance$20,000
Interest incomeCalculated daily, charged monthly on amount used 
Fee-Free Withdrawals 10 EFTPOS, 4 Over the counter
Fee-Free DepositsUnlimited
Special ConditionsNA
Access Methods
ATM/EFTPOS accessYes 
Over-the-counter transactions Yes
Internet BankingYes
Banking AppYes
Cheque bookYes 
Direct creditYes 
Direct DebitYes
Periodic paymentsYes 
Statements6 monthly or as requested

  Additional Information: