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Coming soon, Osko by BPAY


We are busily working away to make your everyday payments faster, simpler and smarter - real time payments are on their way!  Coming in 2018.

Osko will be a new way to pay with South West Credit's Internet Banking or Mobile Banking App - it will be as fast as cash - without the hassle of cash.

Whether you are paying a tradie, splitting a bill or giving money to family for something urgent - the money will be there in minutes.  You will just use your South West Credit Internet Banking or Mobile Banking App for access 24/7.

What's not to love about Osko?

  • Faster payments across over 50 institutions - and more to come
  • Available all day, every day - even weekends
  • You can use a PayID to pay and  get paid with somthing simple like a registered mobile, email or ABN.  Or you can still use a BSB & account number.
  • It's backed by BPAY and us, so it's very secure
  • You can use 280 characters of text to describe who's getting paid and why

It's simple and fast and we think you'll love it.

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  Find out more about Osko:

Osko has been built to work on the New Payments Platform (NPP), allowing you to send and receive real-time payments (typically in less than 1 minute) between participating banks in Australia, 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Osko payments will be made via our Internet Banking or Mobile Banking App.

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  Find out more about PayID:

Pay ID is an easy way to make sending and receiving payments simpler.  It will allow you to link your account number to your email address, mobile phone number or ABN (for businesses).

This means you will be able to provide your PayID (mobile number or email address) to organisations your wish to receive payments from - you will no longer have to remember your BSB & account number.

PayID types that will be offered by South West Credit will be mobile phone number, email address, ABN (for businesses) and Organisation ID (for businesses).

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NB: Payments to BSB & Account Numbers will still exist, they will not replace regular transfers or BPAY.

  Changes to our Account & Access Facilities Conditions of Use for Osko Payments:

We have added new clauses to the Account & Access Facilities Conditions of Use incorporating Customer Terms for Osko, namely:

  • Section 23 'Using Osko'
  • Section 24 'Processing Osko Payments'
  • Section 25 'Scheduled & Recurring Osko Payments'
  • Sction 27 'Authority to Recover Mistaken or Misdirected Payments'

The most significant change is Section 27 where you authorise us to recover mistaken or misdirected payments made to your account and return the payment to the payer.

You will be bound by these changes when you make your first Osko Payment.

  Important Information about NPP, Osko and PayID:

Please take the time to read the following documents that outline inportant information regarding the NPP, Osko and PayID:

  Additional Information: