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LET’S TALK to end the stigma attached to mental ill-health


LET'S TALK Foundation

South West Credit is urging the local community to make 2020 the year of LET’S TALK to end the stigma attached to mental ill-health.

We have thrown our support behind the LET’S TALK Foundation, making a financial contribution, encouraging other local businesses to embrace its ideals and distributing a 2020 calendar promoting the Foundation.

South West Credit CEO David Brown said the LET’S TALK Foundation was a worthy cause to support.

“South West Credit is concerned about community issues and believe the high number of suicides in our area is something we need to address,” Mr Brown said.

“We’re hoping that businesses will also take up the cause and help to promote this important issue and that the entire community will recognise how devastating mental ill-health can be.”

“It’s something we all need to talk about.”

The 2020 calendar features nature photography by Perry Cho from Patient Eye and is available from South West Credit.

South West Credit has also donated $500 to the LET’S TALK Foundation.

Let’s Talk Foundation Warrnambool co-founder John Parkinson said it aimed to remove the stigma surrounding mental ill-health and encourage people experiencing problems to talk to someone.

“We need to make people feel comfortable to raise these issues with someone they trust,” Mr Parkinson said. “We’re not always going to have good times and we have to develop resolve and resilience and seek help when we need to. As a community, we have to give people that permission to talk.”

Mr Parkinson has now made more than 160 presentations about the Foundation and hopes it will become a national campaign.

“We’re taking a community-based approach to support people and families with mental ill-health and hopefully enable everyone to seek help when they need it,” he said.

“We want to abolish the word suicide from our language,” he said.

LET’S TALK Foundation was created in 2016 in response to a significant increase in local suicide rates.

More information can be found at the LET's TALK Facebook page