Infringement Notice Scam

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Don't get scammed

South West Credit Union warns of a fake infringement notice scam being emailed to south-west residents.

The new email scam uses fake fines to lure victims into clicking on malicious files to find out more.

If you see a message in your inbox like the one shown above, do not click on the ‘view infringement notice’ link.

The link actually points to an archive file which is infected with JavaScript malware.

Malware scams of this kind are an attempt by fraudsters to implant spyware, ransomware or other kinds of viruses onto the computers of victims.

Malware delivered via email can perform a wide range of functions including data theft, building botnets and harvesting login credentials.

The “infringement” scam messages were coming from a wide variety of sender email accounts. There are several variations on the basic email format with different fine amounts and “officer names”.

If you have been the victim of a cybercrime such as hacking, an online scam or fraud, identity theft or an attack on your computer system, go to the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network (ACORN) website and report it.

This will ensure that the report goes to the right law enforcement or government agency for consideration.


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