Live local, shop local, eat local

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20th June 2020 

'Live local, shop local, eat local', that’s the message from South West Credit CEO, David Brown.

“The past few months has put great strain on a number of local businesses and many are doing it tough. We are urging our fantastic community to get together and support local businesses” said Mr. Brown.

“The big chains and retailers can take a hit to the wallet much easier than small businesses, in fact some small businesses may not come out the other side of this pandemic if we don’t get behind them.”

"Small businesses support our local clubs, community groups and events, now is the time to support them".

"Whether it’s promoting a business on social media, purchasing an item locally rather than online, or choosing takeaway from your favourite local eatery, a small change can make a big difference" said Mr Brown.

Living local, shopping local and eating local provides many benefits:

  • Consumers get more choice
  • Strengthens our local economy
  • Keeps our community unique
  • Supports local jobs
  • Reduces our environmental footprint
  • Makes Warrnambool a destination to visit
  • Encourages local prosperity
  • Creates future growth

For more information visit our Live local, shop local, eat local page.


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