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31 Day Notice Account

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Our 31 Day Notice Account allows you to take control of your finances, giving you more flexibility and the benefit of a higher return.

You can add funds to your 31 Day Notice Account at any time to increase your rate of return, whilst having the option to withdraw some or all of your funds after serving the notice period.

  • Deposit into the account at any time
  • No monthly service fee
  • Competitive variable interest rate 
  • Interest calculated daily, paid monthly 

 Up to 2.00% pa
interest rate


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How does it work?

When you choose a 31 Day Notice Account, you deposit your savings just like you would with any savings account, however the money is not at call.

Instead you choose how long the money stays in the account, you decide when you give 31 days notice of your intent to withdraw.

By not having access to your money at call, you eliminate the temptation to spend your savings, but without the limitation of a fixed term.  You can decide the right time to spend / withdraw your money.

  Additional Information
Key Features 31 Day Notice Account
Access to funds Upon serving the notice period
Minimum opening balance $100,000
Maximum opening balance $5,000,000
Interest Income Calculated on minimum daily balance and paid monthly
Monthly Service Fees No
Fee-free withdrawls Unlimited (providing 31 days notice is given for each withdrawal)
Fee-free deposits Unlimited
Special Conditions You must serve 31 days notice of each withdrawal from the account
Access Methods
Passbook Optional
Over-the-counter-transactions No
Phone Banking Yes (enquiry only)
Internet Banking Yes (enquiry only)
Personal Cheque Facility No
Direct Credits Yes
Direct Debits No
Periodic Payments No
Statements 6 monthly or as requested


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